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Trems & Conditions

Sesamphoto AB’s digital images are supplied compressed in RGB, JPEG format. Standard file size images can be used for printing full-bleed A4 photos at 300 dpi. For larger sizes or higher resolution, please contact Sesamphoto AB. Sesamphoto AB cannot be held responsible for any technically incorrect use or handling of the images. Images must not be stored in any databases, other than those normally required for the relevant production stages, without the prior permission of Sesamphoto AB. The digital images must not be transferred to any other party.

Sesamphoto AB’s images are protected by Swedish copyright laws.
All use other than that agreed upon is strictly forbidden.
The contractual agreement between Sesamphoto AB and the customer is governed by, and construed in accordance with, Swedish law.
Any dispute between Sesamphoto AB and the customer will be subject to jurisdiction of a Swedish court.
The Swedish law from 1 January 1979 governing the use of names and pictures in advertising means that when an image is used for marketing of any goods, service or other commodity and the identity of the person portrayed can be recognized, then the person must give his or her permission before publication. The customer is solely responsible for obtaining this permission.
Swedish copyright rules and the law governing the use of names and pictures in advertising are also applicable to images published on the Internet.
When publishing images that include other works protected by copyright the customer is solely responsible for any claims from this original copyright owner.

A credit line in the form of the photographer’s name/Sesamphoto must be provided for each image, either adjacently or within the image, in all media, in a type size that can be easily read at a normal reading distance.
A 100 % surcharge per image will be made for any comissions.

Usage rights are offered on a non-exclusive basis unless otherwise agreed.
Low-resolution images may be used without charge in composites, layouts or for customer previews. All other uses are prohibited.
High-resolution images will be invoiced according to use. The customer must report full details of usage to Sesamphoto AB within two weeks of downloading a high-resolution image. The report must include the following:
Type of use – for example, advertising brochures, Internet, books, overhead slides etc.
Size of image in relation to full page – for example, cover, spread, full page, half page, thumbnail.
Volumes of published material – for example, print runs, slide series or Internet pages.
For publication on the Internet the resolution must not be greater than 72 dpi. Rights for publishing images on the Internet, or intranets, are limited to a maximum of one year. Notification of the Internet site address must be sent to Sesamphoto AB together with the usage report.

It is strictly forbidden to use any image in any way that could be regarded as obscene, libellous or defamatory.

If the customer, despite reminders, does not report usage of the images then they will be invoiced at least 5 000 SEK per image.

The images must be reproduced with respect to the original intentions. Changes, manipulation or transfer to other media are not permitted without the prior consent of Sesamphoto AB. Images that are copied or transferred to other media without permission will be invoiced at a rate of at least 8 000 Euro.
Images must not be manipulated, altered, merged or included in any montage. If permission is granted for such use then the word “montage” must be added to the credit line and printed as specified above.

When Sesamphoto AB has received a usage report, the customer will be invoiced a fee for the total amount. Payment of the fee is due 15 days from the invoice date, unless otherwise agreed. Customers based in Sweden will be invoiced in SEK; customers based abroad will be invoiced in EURO. VAT or similar tax will be added to the invoiced amount where applicable and must be paid for by the customer.
The customer will be invoiced for all high-resolution downloaded images unless agreed otherwise.

The customer is responsible for keeping the download User Name and Password secret.
Note that the company and the user are jointly responsible for handling the downloaded images according to the Terms and Conditions set out by Sesamphoto AB.

Sesamphoto AB reserves the right to terminate a customer’s account on non-payment of invoiced amounts.

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